The Effects of Low Indoor Humidity


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Scratchy throats, cracked skin and dry eyes are sure signs that humidity has migrated away from Minnesota for the winter. Besides annoying discomfort, low humidity levels in the home can trigger serious health problems such as respiratory illness. It’s important to maintain the right amount of moisture in your household. There are many advantages to installing a home humidification system:

  • Increasing the humidity inside your home can significantly lower the risk of catching airborne viruses. If you do happen to catch something nasty, higher humidity levels can ease symptoms such as coughing or sneezing. This is especially important as we enter the flu season.
  • Dry air sucks the moisture out of your skin. Itchiness and cracking may seem unavoidable but comfortable humidity levels help eliminate the problem.
  • Static electricity is a major annoyance when it comes to hair and clothes. In the winter, it’s a byproduct of dryness in the air. Stop getting frazzled by arid rooms!
  • Dry conditions can wreak havoc on your wood floor or furnishings. The right amount of humidity helps keeps things intact. If you want to prevent any cracking or splitting, a humidification system is a great investment.
  • Want a warm and cozy home? Add some humidity! That’s right – unlike a bone-dry room, humidity can actually make the air feel warmer! Avoid shivering when outdoor temperatures fall.
  • Suffer from nosebleeds in the winter? It could be a humidity problem. Frigid air can dry out your sinuses making you more prone to nosebleeds. Prevent discomfort and embarrassment by putting more h20 in your air.

Understanding humidity is the first step towards creating a more pleasant home. Sedgwick is committed to providing ALL of your home comfort needs. Installing a home humidity system is an easy way to instantly improve your quality of life and keep your family comfortable. Don’t whither away due to a lack of moisture! Make a change that makes sense for our dry winter climate.

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