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Emergency AC Repair & Heating Repair in Minneapolis

For Emergency AC, Boiler & Furnace Repair:

Our agents are on call 24/7, 365 days a year — because there’s nothing worse than your HVAC failing when it’s midnight in the dead of winter or midday in the heat of the summer. Our experts are available to help you get your HVAC system back under control.

If you suspect a gas leak or smell gas, leave your residence immediately then call 911 once you are safely outside.

Follow these steps for urgent air conditioning or heating repairs:

1. Call the Sedgwick 24/7 emergency helpline at 952-881-9000.

2. We’ll send a team member for immediate assistance or schedule a repair time for next-day service if you so choose.

3. A Sedgwick Heating team member will arrive to repair your HVAC system.

4. Finally, rest assured, your system will be up and ready to perform at optimal power.

Common HVAC System Failures:

From boilers to AC units and everything in between — trust Sedgwick to take any emergency situation off your shoulders. These types of repairs are urgent, and it’s important their causes are handled by experts.

Broken Furnace Repair

Often due to deterioration and old age, ignition problems, or clogged filters.

Broken Boiler Repair

Often due to issues with thermostat, failure of valves, lime scale buildup, pilot light malfunction, or frozen pipes.

Broken Air Conditioning Repair

Often due to circuit breaker or thermostat malfunctions, water damage, clogged or frozen drains, or electrical issues.

For Emergency HVAC Repairs

Call Our 24/7 Helpline: 952-881-9000

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