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Energy-Saving Twin Cities Water Heater Specialists

At Sedgwick, we are committed to assisting you with your hot water heater selection in a cost-effective and timely manner. We’ll help you make a decision that meets your home and family’s needs without taking up too much room in your budget. Then, save even more with our routine water heater repair and maintenance services for your Minneapolis home.

Our team of hot water heater specialists is able to help you keep your energy bills low with monthly and annual maintenance plans. These routine checkups will help you keep your systems running better and longer — saving you money by reducing unnecessary energy bill fluctuations and the need for emergency repairs.

And if disaster strikes, our technicians are ready 24/7 to fix or hot water heater — even on holidays and weekends.

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Monthly & Year-Round Home Hot Water Heater Services

The water heater market has a lot of different options that can be difficult to navigate. Our water heater specialists are here to help you make the best decision when purchasing a high-quality water heater and maintaining its lifespan. Once you’ve chosen the right hot water heater, choose a maintenance plan that meets your equipment tune-up needs and budget.

Annual tune-ups can make a big difference in your water heater’s lifespan and daily efficiency and performance. Let our hot water heater specialists help you choose the right plan for your Minneapolis-area home and start saving!

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Water Heater Installation & Replacement Services

Our objective is to help you live comfortably, so we work to find an ideal solution for your equipment needs at the lowest cost and highest efficiency. Once you find the right water heater for your Minneapolis-area home, it needs to be installed correctly or it could cause your energy and repair bills to skyrocket.

As specialists in this market, we know proper installation is critical to the safety of your home and family, so finding a qualified Minneapolis water heater installer should be at the top of your to-do list. Feel confident in your choice by knowing our specialists have worked for years with all types of water heaters (conventional, indirect, on-demand, electric and gas).

Maintenance Services

No matter the brand, year, or model of your current water heater, we’ll gladly send one of our specialists to service your unit. Even if you didn’t purchase your water heater from us, our seasoned experts can service any water heater or other systems in your Minneapolis home.

Our one-time maintenance service includes a full safety check and precision tune-up for your water heater. We also offer yearly maintenance plans so you don’t have to remember to schedule a water heater service visit every year. With a yearly or monthly plan from our team, you get premium tune-ups on your home systems, part discounts and energy-saving repairs — view our plans now!

Repair Services

When you call us for a water heater repair, our specialized service technicians will come to your home for a full inspection and diagnostic assessment of your equipment. Most of our water heater repair services for Minneapolis residents are completed on the same day!

  1. A specialist will arrive promptly and equipped for nearly every water heater repair situation
  2. The specialist will quickly isolate your problem
  3. Once the issue has been identified, our specialists will repair your hot water heater quickly with our on-hand* parts
  4. Then, we’re off and you can continue to enjoy warm water all season long

*If we do not have the necessary repair piece, we make every attempt to get one locally so we can return and finish fixing your water heater the same day. If the necessary parts are not available, Sedgwick will order it for you and schedule a timely follow-up appointment to finish your water heater repairs at no extra cost to you.

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