How is Temperature Controlled in People?

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The thermostat can sometimes feel like a battleground. When you’re with people who have different temperature preferences, you might wonder how they can feel that way. It’s especially an issue when your own family members like the temperature a little warmer or cooler than you prefer. The differences in preference are known as thermal comfort. What causes this to happen and what can you do to stop thermostat wars? Read on to find out:

  • Metabolic rate is highly correlated with thermal comfort. People who are active produce more heat that they need to expel. If you put two people in a room, the one with a more active metabolism will feel warmer.
  • Clothing has a huge effect on thermal comfort. If you’re sweating bullets, it might be a result of your clothing material. A humid environment traps moisture underneath non-breathable clothing, triggering a warm body temperature. On the other hand, not layering clothing means more body heat will escape in a cold room.
  • If you’re located around moving air in a room, you will experience temperature differently than someone who isn’t. Moving air feels cooler than stagnant air. This effect happens regardless of whether the room is actually warm or cold.
  • Natural body temperatures can differ by a few degrees. Interestingly, people with higher body temperatures tend to feel cooler in rooms because they are used to feeling warmer.
  • A person’s circulation and body mass affect body temperature regulation. These factors are directly related to heat dispersion.

Modern high-tech thermostats can give you a level of temperature control never before possible. Personalized heating and cooling schedules are just a tap away from a computer or smartphone with these systems. They allow you to set your thermostat at a lower temperature while you’re at work and increase it just before you get home. Solutions like these can even set specific temperatures for specific rooms. Personalization benefits everyone when you set temperature changes that match personal schedules. Compromising has never felt so comfortable.

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