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Server Room Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems

Server Room Cooling System Installation

Protecting your technology investment is absolutely essential, especially when your data center is housing critical information that simply cannot be lost or taken offline. That’s why the experts at Sedgwick Heating offer comprehensive server room cooling systems that Minneapolis businesses can rely on to keep data centers at an appropriate temperature all year round.

Keep your data center running smoothly in the optimal environment with the server room air conditioners Minneapolis business owners trust. Contact Sedgwick Heating today for a free quote!

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Server Room Cooling System Services

With unparalleled experience concerning HVAC systems, Sedgwick technicians can create custom air conditioning systems to efficiently and effectively cool server rooms of any shape and size.

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Installation Replacement Services

You could have the latest ductless air conditioning technology available, but if your unit is improperly installed, your system could be completely useless in your home. Not only that, but faulty installation is hazardous for you and your family.

Our Sedgwick installation and replacement specialists are highly trained in ductless air conditioning services for all kinds of equipment models and brands. Our technicians are backed by nearly 60 years of experience in most interior settings.

Sedgwick does subcontract electrical work, but we never subcontract our own projects to any other companies. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% and are committed to setting up your home’s equipment optimized for efficiency, longevity, and safety.

Maintenance Services

We will gladly send one of our service technicians to your home for ductless air conditioner maintenance no matter if you purchased the equipment from Sedgwick or not. We offer maintenance services for your system regardless of it’s model, brand, or year.

Sedgwick’s one-time maintenance service comprises of a detailed tune-up and extensive safety check on your ductless air conditioner.

We are dedicated to making customers comfortable in their homes and offer the convenience of a yearly maintenance plan. This annual plan may even result in you receiving a discount on your new heating or cooling equipment.

Repair Services

When you call Sedgwick for a ductless air conditioning repair, our skilled service specialists will come to your home for a full equipment inspection and diagnostic assessment.

Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and specialized training necessary to quickly define your cooling system’s issue. Once the problem with your ductless air conditioning unit is specified, he or she will instantly being repairing your equipment.

When repairing your server room cooling system, our Minneapolis technicians are properly prepared with parts needed for almost every restoration situation. Most of our repair services have same-day completion because our service trucks are so adequately supplied. If the necessary part is not on the truck, we will try our hardest to it locally.

On the rare occasion, we need to order the part for your ductless air conditioner. If that is the case, we will gladly order the part for you and schedule a timely return appointment to complete repairs on your equipment at no extra cost to you.

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