Whole House Humidifier Installation in Minneapolis

Quick & Easy Whole-House Humidifier Installations & Repairs

A whole-house humidifier could be crucial to your comfort, especially as a Minneapolis-area resident. Adding moisture to the air will help you avoid dry and itchy skin during the long winter months, as that discomfort usually stems from moisture imbalances inside your home. Fall is a great time to check if your furnace needs a humidifier repair—right before the Minnesota winter hits!

During the winter, the average home in Minnesota is drier than a desert! Homes without humidification systems typically have between 12% and 21% humidity while the Sahara Desert averages 25% humidity! Whole-house humidifier installation can be easily combined with your existing heating and cooling system to prevent the negative effects of low humidity. These effects can range from sore throats and susceptibility to colds, to damaged wood trim and floors.

Whole-house humidifiers can reduce:

  • Dust around a home
  • Airborne bacteria
  • Viral organisms
  • Dry skin irritations
  • Respiratory
  • Maintaining woodwork
  • Maintaining furniture
  • Reducing cracks in your home

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Why should I install a whole-house humidifier?

A whole-home humidifier installation, or a humidifier replacement for your furnace, increases your energy efficiency and comfort in the winter. Home humidification systems can make your Minneapolis home feel warmer, causing you to use less heat, which leads to cost savings on your heating bill at the end of each month. Humidification systems can also be inexpensive and easy to maintain for a longer return on investment!

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