New HVAC Technology That Will Transform Your Home


HVAC home automation system


Since the invention of air conditioning systems back in the 70s, HVAC technology has continued to evolve with some of the largest advancements happening in the 21st century. For Minnesota families, having up-to-date heating and cooling systems can make your home far more comfortable during those unpredictable winter and summer months. That includes more energy efficient systems, smart products, home automation systems and more.

So how is HVAC technology evolving? Here are a few of the latest advancements, and how they can improve your home.

Zone Systems

If you have a thermostat downstairs, it may not manage to keep the upper levels at comfortable temperatures. Additionally, if you have rooms that are not typically in use, it would be nice to control whether or not they’re being heated during winter if they don’t need to be.

One of the most common inefficiencies with heating and cooling systems is a lack of temperature consistency throughout the home. HVAC zone systems allow you to precisely control the temperature in every room of your home, keeping any room comfortable regardless of the outside temperature, and ultimately resulting in better cost efficiency in your energy system.

Smart Products

The whole world is using smart technology for more and more products daily: phones, cars, computers, appliances — and heating and cooling systems are no exception. Families are incorporating smart systems into their energy systems to be able to have remote control and maximize efficiency in the home.

One of the largest benefits of a smart home system is the ability for your thermostat to work with your HVAC system to detect the temperatures in different areas of your home and adjust temperatures accordingly. This will prevent one having to constantly change temperature settings, and for certain home automation systems you can control temperature right from your smartphone.

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

As technology advances, the most common trend is to maximize energy efficiency. The most up-to-date HVAC systems can include sensors that monitor temperature and even whether or not people are physically in a room, keeping the temperature controlled as necessary.

These automatic sensors that allow for zone control temperatures will not only keep the home more comfortable but keep your energy costs low as well.

As government requirements rise for SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, there has been an increase in technological changes in HVAC systems to make heating and cooling systems more effective. Similar to any other industry, it can be hard to manage all the changes that occur within the technological world that affect an industry that’s over 40 years old. At Sedgwick, we have the expertise and technology to keep your home up to date on the latest in HVAC technology to ensure your home is comfortable all year round.

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