Time for Your HVAC Checkup! The Perks of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Cooler weather is setting in, and as any true Minnesotan knows, sub zero temperatures will be here before we know it. Extreme weather can hit at any time, as anyone who remembers the famous Halloween blizzard of ‘91 can attest to. This means you’re ready to schedule a professional HVAC tune-up to ensure you won’t get caught with a failing heating system in temperatures that leave plenty to be desired.

Minnesota Winters up the Ante for Heating Systems

Regular HVAC maintenance is recommended in any state; even warmer climates need to maintain a proper working heating system for colder temperatures. However, the winter climate is significantly more difficult in Minnesota than in other areas of the country, meaning your heating system needs to be up to date, and the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance in the winter are significantly greater. A failing heating system during our winters can result in an emergency situation, higher repair costs or even a full replacement of your HVAC system.

Investing in the Future of Your HVAC System

Maintaining regular maintenance of your HVAC system is investing in the long term life of your heating and cooling systems. Regular inspections keep an eye out for necessary repairs, keep your coils clean, and keep air filters clean and changed when necessary so your home and family are comfortable all year long.

Energy Savings

Keeping your heating systems properly tuned up will save you plenty in energy bills, as well as being more energy efficient for the environment. When your heater is working consistently throughout the winter to keep your home heated, you’re already spending more on keeping your home comfortable than in other seasons. If your HVAC system is not in proper working condition, it’ll be working twice as hard to create the same amount of heat, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Regular maintenance will keep your energy bills at a sane level and everyone at home happier.

If you are ready for a proper HVAC tune-up, trust the heating and cooling experts at Sedgwick. Whether or not we installed your HVAC system, we offer the highest quality maintenance plans to keep your equipment in proper working order, including proper service diagnosis, emergency services 24/7, repairs, parts discounts and much more. If you’re ready to schedule your maintenance appointment, contact the experts at Sedgwick today!

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