Minneapolis Heat Pump Tax Credits

Rebates make previously inaccessible home upgrades something any homeowner can rely on and benefit from. Newer rebates, like the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, focus on not only benefiting individuals, but the country as a whole through greener energy consumption. What is the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022? On August 16, 2022, the Inflation Reduction Read more

HVAC Service Technician Careers

Looking for metro area HVAC Service Technician jobs that are rewarding, interesting and come with loads of benefits? A position with Sedgwick might be the perfect fit. We pride ourselves on building a tight-knit team that feels like family. Aside from the people, Sedgwick is the smart choice for HVAC professionals – you’ll get a Read more

How to Read an EnergyGuide Label

Look closely at an HVAC appliance or system, and you’ll notice a bright yellow sticker loaded with information. This is the EnergyGuide tag, and it exists to help you understand an HVAC unit’s efficiency in order to make a better purchase decision. A higher-rated system will consume less power, so if you’re in the market Read more

Historic Ways to Cool a House

Air conditioning has become such an integral part of our lives; it’s hard to imagine getting by without it – but that’s just what people did for the vast majority of human existence. So how did your great grandparents keep cool? Homes were designed a whole lot differently before the advent of AC. Clever architectural Read more

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