HVAC Service Technician Careers

Looking for metro area HVAC Service Technician jobs that are rewarding, interesting and come with loads of benefits? A position with Sedgwick might be the perfect fit. We pride ourselves on building a tight-knit team that feels like family. Aside from the people, Sedgwick is the smart choice for HVAC professionals – you’ll get a Read more

How to Read an EnergyGuide Label

Look closely at an HVAC appliance or system, and you’ll notice a bright yellow sticker loaded with information. This is the EnergyGuide tag, and it exists to help you understand an HVAC unit’s efficiency in order to make a better purchase decision. A higher-rated system will consume less power, so if you’re in the market Read more

Historic Ways to Cool a House

Air conditioning has become such an integral part of our lives; it’s hard to imagine getting by without it – but that’s just what people did for the vast majority of human existence. So how did your great grandparents keep cool? Homes were designed a whole lot differently before the advent of AC. Clever architectural Read more

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