Why You Should Flush Your Water Heater

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There’s nothing like a nice shower to wake you up in the morning – that is, when your water heater is working properly. When the tank decides to – well, tank – you’re stuck with a shivering shower or none at all. Sound like a tough decision? It’s one you can easily avoid! Flush your water heater annually, and you’ll never have to worry about bursts of cold water that make you jump out of the tub.

Clear the Energy Drain

Whether you have an electric or gas water heater, you are using energy to keep it warm. Over time, sediment builds up at the bottom of tanks. What’s the problem with a little sediment you ask? Heat has to go through it to reach the water. Think of it like a lint trap that’s clogged in your dryer: instead of a direct heat transfer, there’s a barrier in the way. This takes more energy and raises utility bills. Without x-ray vision, you’d never know a problem was building below the surface. Pay more attention to annual maintenance and you’ll spend less money.

The Speed of Comfort

Slower heat transfers aren’t just bad for your pocketbook; they can take a toll on your patience. A clogged tank takes more time to warm up than one that’s been flushed. Ever notice how you have to wait a few seconds after turning on the shower to get warm water? Sure, it will heat up eventually, but wouldn’t it be nice if that time were reduced?  If you’re in a hurry, every second counts – and a functional water heater helps you get on your way faster than ever.

Long-Term Benefits 

When scale builds up on an electric water heater’s electrodes, they sometimes fail prematurely. This causes a sudden loss of hot water, and possibly your composure. A simple yearly flush prevents debris accumulation, so you always have a solid connection. If you have a gas water heater, you’re not in the clear – scale at the bottom of a gas tank will heat to extremely high temperatures. Over time, the water heater will degrade and possibly leak water.  You won’t just have to buy a mop; you’ll need a completely new unit.

Warranted Precautions

Some water heater manufacturers will only honor a warranty if the owner proves they have regularly maintained the tank. It’s all in the fine print that we’re sure you read when you purchased the product. Sadly, scale damage isn’t typically covered under warranty, meaning you’ll have to document your upkeep efforts. When you buy a water heater, you’re not purchasing a self-sustaining machine – it’s one that needs a little attention from time-to-time. It’s good to know you can fall back on your warranty if something out of your control goes wrong.

We suggest flushing your water heater at least once a year to get the most out of your equipment. This will get rid of problematic debris and keep your family comfortable. Crunched for time? Our team can provide yearly maintenance for any water heater brand. If you’re doing spring-cleaning, your water heater is one thing you won’t want to miss!  While some people ignore their tank and hope for the best, you can get the best out of yours with annual maintenance.

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