Why Poor Attic Insulation Costs Homeowners

You might not spend much time in your attic, but it’s one of the most important rooms in your home when it comes to heating and cooling. Many homes, especially older ones, have insulation that has degraded over time. Unfortunately, this can lead to uncomfortable homes and high energy bills. Even if your HVAC system is completely functional, poor insulation allows heat to escape in the winter and cool air to seep out in the summer. It can be difficult to notice the problem, since insulation failure occurs slowly over many years. Still not convinced that attic insulation is important? Learn more about how it can affect your home:

Unpredictable Indoor Temperatures:

Do you want to live in a home that’s too hot one moment and too cold the next? Unless you’re cold-blooded, it’s probably not an ideal situation. When your HVAC system is attempting to reach a comfortable temperature, faulty insulation results in a roller coaster of high and low temperatures. You might even notice a difference between one room and the next! When you have proper attic insulation, temperatures stay much more consistent throughout the home.

High Energy Bills:

Do you know what causes steep energy bills? One answer is insufficient attic insulation. Your system must work harder to reach comfortable temperatures, which requires extra energy. Over time, it could even put a strain on your equipment and decrease product lifespan. It can be difficult to determine exactly how much you should be paying on your monthly electricity bill, but compare it with your neighbors to get a better idea. However you look at it, updating your attic insulation makes sense for your pocketbook.

Water Damage:

Your roof serves as a giant umbrella during heavy downpours. When there’s a crack or opening in any part of that barrier, your attic insulation gets a healthy serving of H20. If you’ve ever left a wet sponge out for more than a week, you know what can happen. Mold may begin to form and the longer you ignore it, the worse things get. Even during winter, you’re not in the clear. Ice dams form near gutters and prevent melting snow from draining properly. With nowhere else to go, the water can soak into the roof and then your insulation. When your insulation is damaged, you may start to notice more HVAC problems than you’re used to.

Bugs and Pests:

Your attic insulation keeps your family comfortable, but it may be keeping pests warm and cozy as well. If you have noticed any signs of an infestation, the problem may be right above your head. These nuisances are never fun to deal with, but maintaining your insulation puts you a step ahead of pests. While rodents and bugs won’t directly affect your home’s temperature, they may enter your vents and cause clogs in the system. Have your attic insulation checked regularly to avoid a problem that spirals out of control.

You could go weeks without thinking about your attic insulation, but it serves an important purpose. Imagine placing an HVAC system in a home without a roof. Home comfort simply wouldn’t be possible. Think of your insulation as a blanket that you tuck into every time you enter the home. It is one half of the comfort equation and homeowners should never ignore it.

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