The Weather is Warming Up, Time for an HVAC Tune Up

HVAC tune up St. Paul

Spring is here, and many are starting their spring cleaning to-do lists. Cleaning out closets, dusting, and mopping are important for keeping your home in tip top shape, but there is one more thing you should consider adding to your list. Your HVAC could use a nice checkup before those dog days of summer hit to ensure all your systems are in prime condition.

When you own a car, you get regular fluid checks, oil changes, washes, etc. to ensure your vehicle is running well and continues to function as it should. The equipment in your home should get the same treatment. Having your air conditioner and heating equipment checked by a professional at the beginning of every season will prevent potential catastrophic repairs and keep you cool all summer long.

Why Should You Have a HVAC Tune Up?

Regular HVAC maintenance reduce equipment breakdowns and in turn can keep your potential repair costs low. This means that if there are any small repairs needed during a regular checkup, your maintenance professional can take care of them before they turn into big problems.

Additionally, when your AC unit is running well, it uses less energy to keep your home comfortable. Not only will you save on potential repairs, it will keep your utility costs low.

Scheduling your spring HVAC tune up early will help you beat the long waits and high prices you could face later in the spring and summer months.

What Does a HVAC Checkup Include?

A typical tune up of your HVAC systems includes several steps. Here are a few examples:
• Inspection of the entire system
• Clean coils
• Lubricate moving parts
• Replace filters
• Check thermostat controls and wiring
If you have an hour to spare, schedule an HVAC maintenance check with Sedgwick Heating and go confidently into the coming spring and summer months with your HVAC systems working as well as possible!

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