Emergency AC Repair & Heating Repair in Shorewood

For Emergency Heating & AC Repairs, Call Our 24/7 Helpline at (952) 881-9000.

Down on your luck and finding your Shorewood home in need of an emergency AC or furnace repair? Sedgwick has you covered! We offer emergency repair services for ACs, furnaces and boilers in Shorewood. When we say our emergency helpline is open 24/7, we mean it. Call us on holidays, weekends or in the middle of the night, and we’ll send someone to take care of your system. Take a look at our Emergency Repair Process so you can know what to expect.

Shorewood AC, Heating & Home Maintenance Services

When you maintain your Shorewood home’s systems, you’re less likely to need an emergency AC or furnace repair. We offer Shorewood residents maintenance plans to ensure your systems continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Prevent a system breakdown with a Sedgwick maintenance plan that suits your home’s needs.

All Sedgwick Heating & Cooling Services

We know you’re not constantly thinking about your home’s heating and cooling systems, and that’s why we’re here. We offer a variety of plans and other services that will extend the life of your systems and equipment.

Service Plans for Shorewood Residents

In addition to emergency repairs, we offer Shorewood residents other AC and furnace services. Whether you need a one-time service, or want to schedule regular checks, Sedgwick can help keep your home comfortable. We also are experts on water heater maintenance, air filtration tests, home humidifiers and more.

Service Plans         Specials

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