Emergency AC Repair & Furnace Repair in Eagan

For Emergency AC Repair, Call Our 24/7 Helpline At (952) 881-9000.

Call the helpline above to get your emergency AC, boiler or furnace repaired, fast. Our agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year to service emergency AC and furnace repairs for Eagan residents — and yes, that includes weekends and holidays. After you call the helpline, learn what you can expect next from our team by reviewing our emergency repair process.

AC, Heating & Home Maintenance Services for Eagan Residents:

If you want to prevent family backlash from broken AC in July, or a scary no-heat situation during a Minnesota winter, than we’ve got options for you! Our maintenance plans for Eagan and Mendota Heights residents were designed to help homeowners prevent emergency AC, boiler, or furnace repair needs and more. View our services, plans and specials below.

All Sedgwick Heating & Cooling Services

Keep your home’s heating and cooling systems running better and longer. Our maintenance services were designed to increase the lifespan of your home’s expensive systems, including air filtration, thermostat installation and water heater maintenance. Learn more about all of our services below, and mix and match to create the perfect plan for you home. Then let our experts do the rest.

Top HVAC Contractors in Eagan

We’re honored to announce that we were announced Best HVAC Contractor in Eagan by Industry Oversight. With over 60 years of service around the Twin Cities, we’re proud to continue our tradition of providing the best service to our clients in Eagan and the greater metro area. Thank you for your continued trust in us.

Service Plans for Eagan Residents

Ensure your heating, cooling and other household systems are running to their full capacity, and feel confident with our experts. View our service plans and current specials to get started today.

Sedgwick Heating Services

Don’t get left in the cold with a broken furnace or boiler during a Minnesota winter. Sedgwick offers heating services to make sure your furnace and boiler are ready for a long winter. Regular maintenance of your home’s furnace or boiler will not only keep your home comfortable, it can extend the lifetime of your system. Our goal is to provide Eagen residents with peace of mind when dealing with an emergency boiler or furnace repair.

Sedgwick Cooling Services

If you want to prevent family backlash from a broken AC in July, then we’ve got options for you! Our cooling services for Eagan residents were designed to help homeowners prevent emergency AC repair needs. View our services plans and current specials below.

Service Plans         Specials

Prevent AC & Furnace Failures

Debris buildup, old age, and furnace ignition problems are just some of the leading causes of home air system failures. Proper maintenance can help you reduce these issues and the unwanted repair costs that come along with them. Our service plans were created to help you extend your equipment life for years to come.

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