HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Changing Seasons

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March came in like a lamb this year, so you know the weather is about to become unpredictable. The transition from winter to spring catches many homeowners off guard. We’ve become so accustomed to cranking the heat that the thought of having to cool the home may seem strange this time of year. While we’re unlikely to experience 80 degrees and humid weather this month, the dog days of summer are on their way. You might be ready for the heat, but is your HVAC system? Take some time in the next few weeks to ensure that your home stays comfortable as outdoor temperatures rise:

Stop using timed heating:

If you have a thermostat that’s programmed to turn up the heat at certain times of day, you’re better off taking a manual approach in the spring. Unpredictable temperatures mean that you could be wearing a coat one day and sweating the next. In order to have a comfortable home, you will need to watch the weather reports and adapt your thermostat settings as needed.

Change your filters: 

Every HVAC system needs clean filters to run properly. Over the winter, dust and debris build up quickly in these filth collectors. Your equipment has to work harder to push air through vents, which means you’re stuck with higher energy bills. If you ignore air filters for long enough, you risk damaging the system. Start spring off right by heading to a home improvement store and purchasing some replacements.

Inspect air ducts:

Avoid HVAC inefficiency by making sure your ducts are clean and functional. When your heating or cooling turns on, take a look at the vent to see if any dust comes out – it could be a sign of clogged ductwork. Remove the vent register and use a flashlight to see how things are looking further back. Look for any signs of rodents or insects that call your vent home. Notice any mold that’s growing inside the vent. If things seem unusual, call an expert to resolve the problem before the problem gets worse.

Test the cooling system:

Just because your heating worked all winter doesn’t mean your cooling will in the summer. You won’t want to be stuck in a sweltering home on the first hot day of the year. Give your system a test run by turning on the air conditioning for a few minutes even if it’s not too warm outside. Put your hand near a vent to feel the temperature of the blowing air. It should feel steady and cool without any sudden airflow breaks. This test gives you a leg up before summer arrives.

Paying attention to your HVAC system when you’re stuck indoors gives you more time to enjoy the beautiful weather months from now. Spring’s erratic changes shouldn’t lower your home comfort. It only takes a few steps to get prepared for warmer seasons. Before you know it, your home will be the perfect escape from the heat!

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