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How to Prepare Your Home For Winter: 6 Tips You Need to Hear



With the weather growing chillier by the day, you’ve probably noticed a trend: It’s also probably starting to feel colder in your home, especially around the windows. Before the cold weather goes into full effect though, there are a number of measures you’ll want to take in regards to how to prepare your home for winter. Not only will these steps help you feel cozier, they’ll also help you save when it concerns your utility bills.

Insulate windows – If the areas around your windows feel especially drafty, it could be because too much air is getting in at the edges. To fix this problem, you’ll want to weather strip. Weather stripping adhesive foam can be purchased at most local hardware stores for a relatively affordable price. For more information, check out our DIY Guide to Window Weather Stripping.

Give your furnace a check up
Chances are it’s been a hot minute since your furnace was actually running. To make sure it’s ready for the upcoming Minnesota winter, it’s important to give it a check up. Make sure it’s turned off, then ensure that you have a clean filter. Also clean off any sediment that’s since piled up on it.

Clean out your gutters – Water that’s trapped from draining properly in your gutters can freeze when the weather turns cold enough. This can cause ice dams to form on your roof – something that can cause water to leak through your ceiling. To ensure that this doesn’t occur, clear all leaves and other debris (such as sticks) from your gutters.

Add more insulation – One of the best home winter tips is to consider your insulation. Without enough insulation, the heat your HVAC system is generating could too easily escape the house. To see if you need more insulation added, have a home energy audit performed. Our expert technicians can help.

Go with a smart thermostat – A smart thermostat can be preprogrammed to run at one temperature while you’re away from the home, and another while you’re in the home. This can save you considerably in terms of your utility bill.

Ensure that your ducts are sealed – According to Energy Star, around 20-30% of air that flows through your home’s ducts can be lost if the system isn’t properly sealed. This can maker it harder to heat your home, and will end up costing you a fortune in utility bills.

If you have any questions about preparing your HVAC system for winter, feel free to contact the professionals at Sedgwick Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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