What is a comprehensive HVAC tune-up & how much does it cost?

It is hard to drive down the street in Minnesota without seeing a billboard advertising the cost of a HVAC tune-up for $59, followed by another ad for a $58 tune-up. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why AC & HVAC tune-up costs are so inexpensive and becoming cheaper year after year, especially when the cost of labor and parts continues to rise?

How much does a HVAC tune up cost?

Think about how much it costs to send a fully trained technician with all the necessary tools to do an HVAC tune-up. Don’t forget the office staff that does the scheduling and dispatches the technicians and the paperwork to process the service, all for the low price of $59 (or less).

How can a HVAC company that does tune-ups be profitable at such a low cost? This is a red flag that they’ve done the job quickly and have forgone a thorough examination and cleaning of your system, often skipping critical steps or trying hard to sell you unneeded parts and services.

Is a HVAC & AC tune-up worth the cost?

Your home’s HVAC system is essential to indoor safety and comfort, and it’s critical to keep it tuned to prepare for our unpredictable seasonal weather. Powerful cooling during the hot summer months requires choosing quality over the cost of an AC tune-up, reducing the risk of needing an emergency AC repair.

Who set the standards for indoor environment systems?

ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) is a national nonprofit organization with over 60,000 industry professionals and businesses working together to promote professional contracting energy efficiency and healthy, comfortable indoor environments. They are also the organization that writes the standards for the design, maintenance, installation, testing and performance of indoor environment systems. ACCA writes and updates every five years ACCA Standard 4, which establishes maintenance and tune-up standards for residential heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications. In this standard, the task to be performed is defined and outlined. Any tune-up performed should provide you with the specific measurements of the components tested and recommendations to repair or replace any item that falls outside the manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

What does a comprehensive HVAC tune-up include?

A comprehensive HVAC tune-up should include the following in its cost:

  • Service diagnostics
  • Equipment cleanings
  • 24-hour turnaround on any repairs
  • Maintain your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Equipment efficiency adjustments and filter replacements
  • 29-point performance inspection and recommendations

Our professionally trained technicians provide the most comprehensive service in the area, backed with a seasonal guarantee. They are trained and equipped to perform high-level tune-up services as a part of our regular process because we understand it can make a difference in how long your HVAC system lasts and how much it costs you each year to operate. Not to mention saving you from a potentially costly breakdown. Request an appointment today!

We also offer Plus Service Plans. Benefits include:

  • Service appointments within one business day
  • Priority for Plan holders
  • No overtime or after-hours charges EVER
  • Two tune-ups per year – heating and cooling
  • 2-year part warranty
  • Up to 20% savings on repairs
  • Reduced diagnostic fees
  • Complimentary 1” filters
  • Plan includes an annual humidifier pad

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