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UV Air Purifiers for HVAC Systems

UV Purification Systems for a Safer Home

The air coming from your cooling system may feel fresh and clean, but tiny pollutants such as bacteria and mold particles that are invisible to the naked eye can sometimes grow in its moist environment. Wondering if the air you’re breathing at home is safe and pure? Protect your loved ones against airborne pollutants and health hazards with our ultraviolet air purifiers for HVAC systems.

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Why should I install a UV air purification system?

Without a UV purification system, pollutants could be getting carried in from the inner part of your cooling system and into your home. Placing UV lamps near the indoor coil of your air conditioner can help mitigate this problem. The high-intensity UV rays from the lamp work to keep the system’s coils free of mold and other bacteria.

UV purifier lamps for HVAC systems help reduce:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Dust Mites
  • Airborne bacteria and pollutants
  • Odors
  • Minimizing microbial build-up

Cost-savings from UV air purifiers

The purifying power of UV lights helps extend the life of your cooling system (and in some cases your heating system, as well) by keeping particles from interfering with its operation. Keeping coils sterilized also promotes your system’s efficiency and makes yearly maintenance easier (and cheaper!).

Breathe easy with the help of our ultraviolet air purification experts. Set up an appointment with one of our Comfort Advisors to find out how we can help you purify your indoor air for a healthier home.

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