Warm Mist VS Cool Mist Humidifiers: Which Is Right For You?


Itchy, dry skin and sinus problems: These issues are all too common, especially during the cold months of winter. And if you live in the U.S. Midwest, it’s probably important to have a humidifier – something that can alleviate such ailments.

Humidifiers address air quality, pushing moisture out when there’s not enough in your home’s interior. If you don’t currently own a humidifier, you’ll want to consider the two types available (that is, if you’re looking at portable ones):

Warm Mist Humidifiers

How they work: Warm mist humidifiers operate by boiling water, then releasing it as moisture into the air.

Benefits: They’re considered healthy, as they destroy any mold and bacteria during the water warming process. Most of these humidifiers, meanwhile, are relatively quiet since they don’t require fans to operate.

Other considerations: Most warm mist humidifiers are better suited for smaller spaces – for example, the bedroom. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t expect them to humidify your entire home. Also, if you’re looking to use a humidifier around a child, consider cool mist (boiling in warm mist can risk burns to curious children).

Cost: They usually range in price from $20 to just under $100.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

How they work: There are two types of cool mist humidifiers: Evaporative cool mist humidifiers work with a wick filter – absorbing and blowing mist out. Meanwhile, ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers work via a vibrating ultrasonic frequency.

Benefits: They rely on less electricity, since no boiling is required. And depending on the brand, they can usually cover a larger area than warm mist humidifiers.

Other considerations: Since the evaporative ones use a fan, they tend to be a bit noisier than warm mist humidifiers. Most people also prefer using cool mist humidifiers around children, as warm mist can present the risk of burns if kids are curious.

Cost: They usually range in price from $20 to just under $100, with evaporative usually being the cheaper option.


No matter what type of humidifier you select – you’re bound to benefit. Aside from fewer dry skin and sinus problems, some of the other advantages include:

  • Energy efficiency – You can cut down on energy bill costs.
  • Better sleep – With clearer sinuses, you’ll be able to sleep more peacefully.
  • Healing illness – When you inhale more moisture, illnesses such as sore throats and coughs tend to heal faster.
  • Keep plants healthier – Plants benefit when more moisture is in the air.

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