Sedgwick Partners with Nest from Google for Smart HVAC Control


Saving energy can do more than just save you money, it can also help you keep your home at a more comfortable temperature year-round. At Sedgwick, we’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with Google to help homeowners conserve when and where it matters most.

Nest Protect Deals

When you buy a high-efficiency Lennox furnace at $1,000 off as part of Sedgwick’s exclusive Lennox furnace discounts, you’ll also receive a Nest Protect smoke detector for free.

Designed with the latest technology to detect carbon monoxide and smoke, Nest Detect provides you with a warning before it goes off, and allows you to receive and dismiss alarm alerts all through your mobile device. Other features include:

    • No annoying low battery chirps
    • Automatically tests its batteries for you
    • Overhead light at night

Google Nest Thermostat

In addition to providing Nest Protect, Sedgwick Heating & Cooling can help you with the Nest Thermostat, a device that can learn your heating and cooling preferences and create a personalized schedule to keep room temperature comfortable for you and your family. Features of Nest Thermostat include:

    • The ability to control the thermostat via your smartphone
    • Auto Away – meaning your house isn’t unnecessarily heated or cooled while you’re away
    • Weather Watch – Auto adjusts to accommodate for upcoming weather patterns
    • Eco Leaf – Lets you know when you’re being environmentally responsible.
    • Morning & Night – Automatically turns the thermostat up or down at the start and end of day.

For more information on how Sedgwick can help you with Nest products from Google, contact us today.

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