Proper Humidity for Hardwood Floors & Furnishings

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While you might be uncomfortable in your home during hot and humid weather, so is the wood in your house. Wooden furniture and floors react to their environment just as much as people. If you think excessive humidity makes you sweat, just wait until you’re stuck with a bill for completely new furniture and flooring. Luckily, you can mitigate the problem before it takes a toll on your home – dehumidification systems get rid of the moisture in the air, so you and your wooden home furnishings won’t suffer.

Mixing humidity and wood causes significant problems such as:

Absorbing Excessive Moisture

Temperature and humidity affect the condition of your wood, and abrupt changes in the environment can damage the material. Ideally, the humidity level in your home should be between 35 and 55 percent. This range is similar to what people find comfortable in the home. Depending on the weather conditions, the wood inside your home can either grow or shrink relatively quickly. Wood absorbs moisture in the air – this can cause it to expand inches larger than its original size.

Buckling Under Pressure 

Once your wood floor or furniture has expanded beyond a certain size, it may begin to buckle. The swollen wood is more prone to creaking and may even break over time. Lowering the humidity after exposure to muggy air might seem like an effective fix, but it’s only temporary. Wood that has expanded beyond a certain capacity can never be fully repaired. The material will always be weaker due to the strain it has undergone over time.

Shrinking Quickly

Wood that experiences a sudden lowering of humidity tends to shrink. When this happens rapidly, the wood is once again vulnerable to cracking, especially near the ends of each floorboard. Unfortunately, the damage caused by a sudden change in the humidity can never be repaired. This means that if you plan to get a dehumidifier in the middle of summer you should set a gradual change in the moisture level of your home. Wood furnishings often cost more due to their ease-of-cleaning and classic appearance – maintain the elegance of this material with total control of humidity.

Chances are that you have at least a few wood items in your home. Investing in a dehumidifier extends the lifespan of things you use and interact with every day. Most people think of dehumidifiers as items that improve the wellbeing of the people inside a building – the reality is that they accomplish much more. Wood floors and furnishings are going to last (and look great) for years, as long as they don’t drown in humidity. Get an effective dehumidification solution so you – and your wood items – breathe a little easier this summer.

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