How to Prevent Bugs in the Home: An HVAC Guide

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You’re not the only one who wants to get into a comfortable building on a hot day. All types of bugs will take the first opportunity to enter your home however they can. Unfortunately, the openings in HVAC systems present an opportunity for creepy crawly creatures to make their way into your home’s interior. You don’t have to settle for new roommates, however. There are some measures you and your family can take to stop pesky pests before they crawl into your home.

Set Up Screens

Your HVAC’s air intake may look like a front door to insects and other pests looking for food, water, or shelter. There is a simple solution to close off this air passage to unwanted visitors: mesh screens. There are several varieties of wire mesh for air intake units available; some cover the entire opening while others cover it partially. Leave it to an HVAC professional to install one of these at your home, as they will be able to pinpoint drafts that are large enough for insects to enter.

Eliminate Problem Areas

A bug infestation doesn’t just spring out of nowhere. Typically it has been in the making for months before the problem becomes obvious. Because bugs tend to explore outdoor vegetation, make sure that your outdoor HVAC unit is located on an elevated slab, at least a few feet away from any plant life. Something as simple as a blade of grass can serve as a bridge for bugs to make their way inside. Another component to check frequently is your filter. Be sure to change it every few months, because insect infestations can appear quickly in this part of the HVAC system.

Nobody wants to come home to a house full of bugs any more than they want to enter a steaming hot building during summer. Upper Midwestern summers can get unbearably hot, so HVAC systems are a must for most people. If you think you need help preventing an infestation that originates in your air conditioning, give us a call. We’re available to solve your home cooling needs. Contact us today!  

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