Making Sure Your Air Conditioner is Ready for Summer – Part 2


In part one of our two-part blog post, we discussed several easy steps you can use to ensure that your A/C unit is ready to run to the best of its ability when the weather heats up. In part 2, we continue that discussion with even more ideas on how to prepare your unit for what lies ahead.

Have a Professional Clean the A/C Evaporator – You can have a professional access your HVAC system’s evaporator coil in order to clean it. Typically, the evaporator is located above the unit’s furnace. No rinse foaming evaporator coil cleaner that doesn’t require scrubbing is typically used in such instances.

Clear Condensation – Inspecting and cleaning the HVAC system’s condensation line and pump is a good way to ensure that the air conditioner remains clean, efficient and fully functional. One thing you can do to clear out the condensation line is to pour a water-bleach mixture into it. This will effectively address algae issues that could otherwise clog up the line.

Check Concrete Slab – Believe it or not, how level the outside concrete slab is can play a factor in how efficient your A/C unit is. While a concrete slab may not be level in the first place, the most likely scenario is that it will crack and become un-level over an extended period of time.

Schedule a Professional Check-Up – While simple maintenance steps can help ensure the functionality of your A/C unit, on the other hand, there are some issues only a certified professional can properly address. Before the start of the summer season, consider having your inspected.

The Importance of Maintenance

While it’s most important to make sure that your air conditioning system is ready for primetime ahead of the summer season, it’s best to keep on top of things year-around. Most importantly, the least you can do is change your filters. But if you have any questions or concerns regarding best HVAC practices, always consult a specialist.

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