How to Stay Warm if Your Heating Fails

How to stay warm

In Minnesota, temporarily losing the heating in your home can be an uncomfortable – and sometimes dangerous – experience. The most important thing you can do is remain calm. Even if temperatures outdoors fall, there are ways to conserve heat and maintain a warm home before our team arrives to provide emergency furnace repair service. If your heating system ever malfunctions, take these steps to stay comfortable:

  • If the power is out in your entire home, the problem extends beyond the furnace. Check the circuit breakers in your electrical panel to make sure there are no blown circuits. Call your utility company to report an outage if the power is down throughout your neighborhood.
  • Call Sedgwick at 952-881-9000 if you believe the problem is a broken heating unit. Our experts are available any time – day or night – to visit your home, diagnose the issue and restore your heating as quickly as possible.
  • Taking a warm shower is an easy way to raise your body temperature. Even if the problem is a broken boiler, your water should stay warm for a few hours.
  • Emergency space heaters can heat up a small room relatively quickly. If you have one, make sure to keep it at a safe distance from other objects. It’s best to choose a room with few windows that’s well insulated. Stay in the room you’re heating, and keep the door closed to conserve heat. You’ll feel nice and toasty in no time!
  • Put on multiple layers of clothing. If it’s getting very cold, throw on winter gear such as a jacket, mittens and a hat. Don’t worry; nobody will judge you for dressing like you’re outdoors in your own home.
  • Trap your body heat by lying in your bed and piling on covers. It can feel very comfortable to relax in a warm bed within a chilly room.

As long as you don’t panic and take action, you will stay warm before our dedicated team arrives to resolve the issue. Your comfort is our top priority!

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