Home Air Filtration: Why it Matters in Winter

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During this time of year, you’re probably busy buying gifts, planning parties and making New Year’s resolutions. Air filtration may be the last thing on your mind. The “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” way of looking at things can easily catch up to Minnesota homeowners. The benefits of properly functioning air filtration are invisible but important. Here’s why you should add air filters to your list this holiday season:

Save money

During the winter and summer months, you use your HVAC unit more frequently. Your energy bill is bound to go up. If you’re smart about HVAC maintenance, you can limit your costs. Dirty filters slow down air flow, making the system work harder. It takes more energy to achieve the same level of comfort. Energy Star suggests replacing your filter once a month during the winter. At the very least, replace your filtration every three months.

Maintain Indoor Air Quality 

The first sign you need a new air filter may be frequent sneezing. People with allergies often experience the negative effects of a dirty filter more intensely than others. If anyone in your home has asthma, they may have trouble breathing when there’s a problem. There are many airborne particles that can wreak havoc in your home including dust, pollen, molds, bacteria and pet dander. Pollutants build up faster in homes with smokers, pets or people who frequently cook. If that sounds familiar, consider replacing your filter more frequently.

Limit Catastrophes 

A dirty air filter is the number one reason for HVAC unit failure. The accumulation of dirt that raises energy bills can also raise the heat of your system’s motor. If things get too hot to handle, a failure is inevitable. We previously wrote about the value of a service plan which would come in handy for a situation like this. Our experts can repair most breakdowns, although some older units may require a complete replacement. When you frequently change your air filter, you can avoid headaches down the road.

Complete air filtration systems ensure that the air you breath is free of allergens and pollutants. They are compatible with almost all heating and cooling systems. Sedgwick provides the best home air purifiers and the experts who know how to install them. Make a resolution to breath cleaner air at home for 2016! Your lungs will be glad you did.

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