5 Natural Ways to Cut Down on Your Summer Energy Bill


Energy bills can be a pain for anyone, especially around particular parts of the year when temperatures can get a bit extreme. Thankfully, however, there are a number of ways homeowners can cut down on utility costs. Instead of over-relying on HVAC systems, you can implement a few cost-saving measures, some of which utilize natural cooling from the outdoors. Below we highlight some ideas –

Examine weather stripping – Weather stripping can play a significant role in keeping cool air inside your house. Make sure that creases around windows and doorways are properly sealed so that hot air isn’t getting in and obstructing your home comfort. If they’re not properly sealed, apply new weather stripping to the areas. This measure is usually affordable and rather easy.

Decrease sunlight – Using blinds and curtains to decrease or increase sunlight is a great way to control the temperature. The more sunlight, the more heat. The less sunlight, the less heat. Dependent on how you’d like the temperature, you can utilize blinds and curtains for more than just an aesthetic look.

Utilizing windows – When temperatures drop at night, open windows to let cooler air in the house. When the morning starts to set in and the temperature outside begins to increase, close windows to keep the cool air trapped inside.

Use your green thumb! – Planting trees and bushes outside and in front of windows can help block out direct sunlight, a big contributor for increased in-home temperatures. Not only will plants look nice, they’ll also help you cut down on your energy costs.

Insulation – Some homes, especially older ones, may not be properly insulated. Consult a professional who can determine whether or not your home has adequate insulation in areas like the wall, basement and attic.

Big Savings

While you’ll most definitely still need to run your A/C unit at some point during the hottest months of summer (dependent upon where you live), such simple steps can help you drastically cut down on your energy bill.

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