New Construction

HVAC For New Construction Projects

Most new construction has poorly-installed heating and cooling systems. We work with builders who want to deliver not just a new house, but a comfortable home. If you're a builder or general contractor working on upscale homes, you want to ensure they are equipped with high-quality Twin Cities HVAC systems that will properly accommodate the needs of the environment you've worked so carefully to create. Even the highest-quality HVAC system will not perform well if it is poorly installed. When you choose Sedgwick to install heating and air conditioning in a new house, you're giving your customers a system that heats and cools effectively, operates efficiently and will last longer.

Clean Air For New Homes

For added luxury, we offer a wide array of indoor air quality systems and services that will help your customers feel as great as their new home looks. A newly built home may appear clean, but fresh paint, new carpet and plastics, appliances and construction materials all lead to some of the poorest air quality out there. Chemicals, residue, dust and other pollutants can prevent your customers from breathing easy in their new home. They can also aggravate allergies and other respiratory problems. We'll make sure the house you've built is comfortable and safe for them.


"We sought out several bids from various companies and decided on Sedgwick. They were the most reasonably priced, they provide a good product and they stand behind what they install."

- Bobbie H. Minneapolis, MN